How to become a RAF Administration Clerk?

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Samantha tells you about how to be a RAF Administration Clerk

What does a RAF Administration Clerk do?

RAF Administration Clerk Job Description

A RAF Administration Clerk works in an office carrying out all the administrative tasks in relation to RAF personnel and their welfare. This involves working in an office with both civilian and military personnel of all ages and ranks. This is an administrative job which is office based and working with computers every day.

RAF Administration Clerk Job Responsibilities

  • Maintaing personnel records and databases.
  • Ensuring RAF personnel are prepared for their deployment.
  • Correcting any pay problems and allowances.
  • Offering advice to Service personnel in relation to their accommodation and expenses.

What is a typical day of a RAF Administration Clerk job?

The work is repetitive and often boring, as is most office work. The day starts at 8am with an hour's break at 12-1pm. The working day finishes at 5pm but you may be asked to work late in order to meet deadlines or to lock up the office. The day revolves around eating, gossiping and finding ways in which to break the monotony of plugging data into a computer or answering the telephone to customers who only contact us when something has usually gone wrong and they are not happy about it. There is little job satisfaction, however the working conditions are good and you can suit yourself as to when you take a tea break.

RAF Administration Clerk job interview questions and answers

Why do you want to be a RAF Administration Clerk?

I have always wanted to be a RAF Administration Clerk. And as I grew up found myself feeling this was the only career i wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Ever since I was little I have dreamed of being a RAF Administration Clerk.

Whats best about being a RAF Administration Clerk?

RAF administration clerk advantages are that it pays a good salary for the work involved.

Whats worst about being a RAF Administration Clerk?

RAF administration clerk disadvantages are that the work can be boring and repetitive in a confined office but you can look to transfer into other roles. I least like customer complaints which is a daily part of the job.

What do you need to be a good RAF Administration Clerk?

Diplomacy: this job will teach you the art of diplomacy, how to get on with people that you would otherwise choose not to talk to.

Why did you become a RAF Administration Clerk?

I chose this type of work because I thought it would be exciting and adventurous and I wanted to travel the world. Unfortunately, it has been anything but, and after 12 years, I find myself living for the weekends when I can escape the hum-drum of the office.

RAF Administration Clerk training

You can acquire NVQ's while working in the RAF these can be used when you leave the services to show skills gained to employers.

How to become a RAF Administration Clerk career path

  • I went to the local AFCO and signed up as Personnel Administrator. My career path to being a RAF administration clerk was: school, university, local council job and then AFCO and RAF basic training.
  • You can just sign up and start at the bottom on 20k a year. You will have to be able to read, write & be able to use & learn normal office equipment including a PC.
  • If you go as an officer your RAF Administration Clerk wages will start at 32k a year.

RAF Administration Clerk Qualifications - What qualifications do you need to be a RAF Administration Clerk

  • None! You need no formal qualifications in order to be a clerk, you are bottom of the food chain. You will gain some NVQ's during your training but they are of little use in civvie street when you decide to leave the RAF.
  • If you have relevant or transferable skills you may start at a higher rank or salary.
  • If you want to enter as an officer then usually a university degree is required. An officer bursary scheme which pays you while attending university as long as you do work in the holidays and sign up for a minimum number of years regardless of whether you pass your degree and become an officer or don't and have to go in and do your time as a regular.

RAF Administration Clerk salary

  • RAF Administration Clerk salary starts about £20,000 a year.
  • Cpl Corporal RAF Administration Clerks salary is 30,000 per annum.
  • Sgt Sargeant RAF Administration Clerk's annual earnings are £35,000.
  • Officer RAF Administration Clerks starting salary is £32,000 per year.

RAF Administration Clerk perks

  • Good holidays: 38 days per year.
  • Cheap board and lodgings.

RAF Administration Clerk tips

  • If you want to be a RAF Administration clerk, head down to your local AFCO and sign up; no qualifications or experience required!

RAF Administration Clerk working hours

  • Typically a RAF administration clerk works 8am-5pm, you WILL be expected to work late and do extra duties including guard duty which is a 12 hour shift over 2 weeks. You get paid for 24 hours a day and as such you are never really off duty!

Modified: 07 January 2012

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