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Colour Blindness

After finding it difficult to find out just what jobs are off limits to colour blind sufferers I decided to create a page to help. Having red in green colour blindness myself I know that this is only important to people/companies when they find out you are colour blind and they can discount you. They're not concerned about helping sufferers beforehand.

What jobs can't you do if you are colour blind?

Working on ships

There is a colour vision test for seamen, this is to make sure they can differentiate red and green. This is the most common form of colour blindness, it affects about 5% of males.

Ship deck staff have to be able to differentiate red and green so they can identify the port and starboard lights on a ship and as such tell which way the ship is travelling.

Working in the engine department of a ship does require being able to tell the difference between red and green as in electrical wiring and cabling as well as the red and green water pipes and valves.

If you fail the Ishihara test you can get a restriction placed on your certificate limiting what you can work on but this will greatly reduce your chances of getting employed.

There are coloured lenses for contacts and glasses that help you adjust how you see red. These will allow you to pass an Ishihara test when colour blind but may affect how you see other colours.

If you work in the catering department of a ship then it doesn't matter if you are colour blind or not.

Airplane and airport jobs

These jobs at airports and on airplanes are restricted if you have a colour blindness in your vision.

  • commercial airline pilots
  • air traffic controllers
  • airport technical staff
  • airport maintenance staff
  • aircraft pilots


You are not allowed to do these jobs railways when you are colour blind.

  • train drivers
  • Engineers
  • Maintenance staff
  • Trackside workers

Armed services

There are a lot of careers in the armed forces you are prohibited from if you're colour blind these are:

  • Engineers
  • Signal engineers
  • Naval officers
  • Merchant navy officers
  • Watchkeeping duties, all ranks
  • Submarine personnel, all ranks

Other careers unavailable to colour blind people

  • Customs and Excise officers
  • some types of engineers
  • photography and fine art reproduction work.
  • some jobs in the printing, fashion and design industries.
  • workers in industrial colour quality control and colour matching
  • photography and fine art reproduction work.
  • some jobs in the printing, fashion and design industries.
  • Electrical & electronics.

If you know of any other jobs that are no goes for colour blind people please contact us and it will be displayed here to help others.

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Modified: 04 November 2013

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