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So you want to work in an admin dept. office job?

Life working in an office can be inspiring, challenging and fun. Your career can progress at many levels and there are jobs to suit most personalities and work environments. Some like the challenge of managing a company or a team of staff. Others want to be in an organising role, perhaps as a secretary, personal assistant or office manager. As a receptionist you will have more contact with the public. For those who prefer a routine, office work is an ideal choice as well.

What qualifications will I need to work in an admin office jobs?

With so many routes into this sector it is easy to take the wrong one. Provided you have some GCSEs/S grades, preferably including English and maths, you could apply for junior clerical jobs, many of which offer in-house training and support for external studies.

With at least five GCSEs/S grades you may find an employer prepared to offer an apprenticeship in Administration or Business Administration. Apprentices learn on the job, building up knowledge and skills, gaining qualifications and earning money all at the same time.

Will A levels give me a good start in admin jobs?

Leaving school with A Levels provides the choice between starting work, perhaps as a trainee in a professional office, or going on to take a degree in business studies or a similar field, followed, in some cases, by a professional qualification. Either route can take you to the top of a career in administration.

Administration & Office Job Careers

But isn't it dull working in an office job?

Not at all. Working in administration, business or office work doesn't have to mean sitting at a desk staring at a computer all day. Indeed, many people are on their feet and hardly get to sit down at all. Many jobs involve travelling to other places or attending meetings. Those which include meeting people, such as training or personnel roles, often entail a lot of time working at different venues and interacting with different people!

Do I have to be good with computers for office work jobs?

It certainly helps to have confidence in your computer skills as so many businesses use computers and hi-tech office equipment. Many skills can be learnt on the job, especially if the company uses its own software package. However there are plenty of courses available – from beginner to expert – in IT and word-processing.

Often, proficiency in word-processing can lead to gaining computer skills in other areas such as spreadsheets, desktop publishing, presentations and accounts.

What are the future career prospects of admin office jobs?

Computers are useful in automating some of the routine tasks in an office but business administration can only be carried out by people and, as offices need people to operate them, the opportunities are limitless.

Working in this sector also offers people the opportunity to try working in different areas of interest such as manufacturing, health, travel and leisure, recruitment and retail – the list is endless.

Training and development will always exist for those who want to learn new skills, move into different roles or gain promotion to senior positions.

Modified: 16 June 2013

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