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Peter is based at Birmingham airport as a member of the air cabin crew for Britannia Airways. His job is to ensure the safety and well-being of passengers and includes welcoming them, completing safety procedures, and providing on-board services.

How2Become - Cabin Crew

What are your duties for each flight?

I arrive at the crew room and log in to a computer that provides all the flight paperwork, as well as rosters and email facilities. I attend the pre-flight briefing where the cabin manager informs the crew of any special requests or medical information from our passengers, for instance.

On the aircraft, I check that all safety equipment is on board and in working order. I then ensure that the catering and sales items have been loaded and complete the security checks.

What do you do when the passengers start to board?

I welcome them and make sure they are sitting in the correct seats and that their baggage is safely stowed away. I then take part in the passenger safety briefing. Following take off, I provide in-flight bar, meal and sales services. At the end of the flight I prepare the cabin for landing. When the customers have disembarked, I start the process again for the return flight.

What equipment do air cabin crew use?

There is lots of equipment on the aircraft that I'm trained to use. This ranges from safety equipment such as a defibrillator and oxygen, which is used for medical emergencies, to cabin services equipment, such as ovens and serving carts. I also use a personal digital assistant (PDA) to record in-flight sales and to access rosters and emails.

Who do you work with on the aircraft?

I work with the cabin manager, who is responsible for the work of all crew members. The cabin manager is assisted by two senior cabin crew members. Although I always work as part of a team, the team can change with each flight.

How many hours do air cabin crew work?

A typical cabin crew roster usually consists of about 45 hours a week. For example, I may need to report for a flight at 5.00am. A short-haul flight means I land back in Birmingham the same day. However, a long-haul flight means working sometimes in excess of 14 hours. On long-haul flights, we always stay overnight in the country that we have flown to.

What training do you need to be air cabin crew?

The initial training course is six weeks and is intense. It consists of learning and being tested on safety and emergency procedures, safety equipment, in-flight medical care situations and customer service. You need to pass the exams, but it doesn't stop there! Every year, you complete further training and re-take the exams to keep up to date.

What do you need to be an air cabin crew?

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Safety is the main priority, so I must be alert and assertive at all times, and able to stay calm under pressure. I need to be confident to deal with team members and passengers. I have to be adaptable, as there are many tasks to undertake and flight times can be early, late, and include weekends and overnight stops.

Whats good about being air cabin crew?

It's satisfying to help people and I also enjoy travelling. When you've completed the minimum amount of flying experience, you can undertake long-haul trips and stay in foreign countries for five or six days.

How to become air cabin crew in the uk

  • A levels.
  • Ground-handling agent at Birmingham airport.
  • Applied for air cabin crew job.

How do you become air cabin crew tips

  • You must appear confident and happy to talk to people you haven't met before.
  • Be prepared to work unsocial hours.
  • Your days off may not coincide with your friends who work in other jobs.

Air cabin crew related jobs

  • Holiday representative
  • Hotel receptionist
  • Passenger check in officer
  • Passenger services supervisor
  • Royal Air Force (RAF) airman/woman
  • Training instructor

Air Cabin crew salary

  • New recruits earn around £9,000 – £12,000. With experience, crew members can earn around £15,000. Salaries for senior crew are around £17,000.
  • Salaries for cabin managers/trainers start at around £17,000 and rise to about £22,000.
  • There is also a flying allowance, which can be worth up to £4,500 a year for new entrants.

What do i need to get a job as air cabin crew?

  • Entry requirements vary among airlines, but all applicants should have GCSE/S grades (A-C/1-3).
  • English, mathematics and foreign language qualifications are usually required.
  • There are often other requirements. For example, the minimum age is usually 19 and there are usually height and weight restrictions.
  • Airlines run their own training courses lasting for four to six weeks, prior to training on the job with senior crew.
  • After gaining cabin crew experience, it is possible to enter cabin crew training.

Modified: 16 June 2013

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