How to become a hotel porter?

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What does a hotel porter do?

A hotel porter may be the first person greeting guests. Being a hotel porter is about providing guests with the best service for all their requirements. A hotel porters jobs duties can include:

  • Carrying luggage
  • Showing guests to rooms
  • Calling taxis for guests
  • Parking cars
  • Helping guests to find facilities
  • Giving directions
  • Doing errands for guests, which could be:
    • Getting dry cleaning done
    • Taking messages
    • Arranging anything the guest requires really

hotel porter job interview questions and answers

Why do you want to be a hotel porter?

I have always wanted to be a hotel porter. And as I grew up found myself feeling this was the only thing i wanted to do for a career for the rest of my life.

Ever since I was little I have dreamed of being a hotel porter.

Whats best about being a hotel porter?

I like meeting all the different people – even the very eccentric ones! But the best bit is helping guests find exactly what they want when visiting and making their stay as good as possible.

Whats worst about being a hotel porter?

It's long and tiring work with unsocial hours.

What do you need to be a good hotel porter?

A hotel porter needs to be friendly, discrete, look smart and be able to carry or load and pull luggage to guests rooms.

hotel porter training

You dont require any formal training to become a hotel porter but working experience with the public and customer services is advantageous.

hotel porter skills

A full driving licence is good to have as parking guests cars may required for the job.

What skills do you need to be a hotel porter? A local knowledge of the area as well as the layout of your hotel. An acceptable speaking voice and vocabulary so that you don't portray the establishment negatively as you will probably be the first person a potential guest will meet in the hotel.

hotel porter qualifications - What qualifications do you need to be a hotel porter

You don't to have any specific qualifications to become a hotel porter. But an average education is expected which means reading, writing, computer skills.

hotel porter apprenticeships

Depending on the hotels in your area you may be able to become a hotel porter apprentices with them. Contact local hotels to find out. Large london hotels have facilities for staff to live there for very cheap rates (I stayed in the grovesnor off park lane for 5 a night years back as a friends sister worked there, this was in the staff facilities which was a single bedroom to myself with shared toilets etc). So this may be the best way of getting a job in these difficult economic times as large london hotels will always have the most need for new staff.

hotel porter salary?

  • Trainee hotel porter salary starts about £12,000 a year.
  • Experienced hotel porter get paid £16,000 in earnings as their experience develops.
  • Head hotel porters can be paid about £22,000 in salary at larger hotels.
  • Hotel porters can earn more with shift allowance and overtime which are all paid through the hotel.
  • Hotel porters tips from guests can be very impressive if in a prestigious hotel. These are not usually recorded formally through the hotel and are generally up to the hotel porter to declare how much they eaned in tips.

hotel porter prospects

You can try to get your NVQs in hospitality and hospitality services. Career progression opportunities to head porter and concierge in larger hotels.

hotel porter tips

  • Try to get as much experience related to being a hotel porter in customer facing roles.

Modified: 16 June 2013

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