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John is a PAT tester. He does PAT testing jobs for individual clients (under his own company name), who contact him directly looking for somebody to carry out their PAT testing jobs for them. He also performs PAT testing jobs & PAT tests sub contracting for other companies.

What does your PAT testing job involve?

I visit clients sites to carry out the PAT testing jobs. All portable appliances have to be PAT tested regularly according to the type of equipment and where it is used. This involves unplugging all electrical items. Detaching cables and extension leads which have to be tested individually. Inspecting each item for damage and checking its fuse is the corrrect Amperage for the item. Attaching each item to the PAT tester and carrying out the required PAT tests depending on the type of the equipment. Labelling each item with the appropriate label and specific information about the item. Transferring PAT testing data from the PAT tester to the PAT testing pc application and then producing the PAT testing certificates and reports for the client. Or manually writing down a list of the test results and id number to be later compiled into records for the client.

What PAT testing equipment do you use?

I use the latest PAT testing equipment. It is also the most expensive PAT testing equipment available but lessens the length of time it takes to PAT test and also to produce the detailed reports and certificates.

Do you have a typical day?

I don't have a typical day. There are activities that I have to complete regularly but my day varies.

How to become a PAT tester?

It is not too hard to pass your City & Guilds 2377 qualification if you are prepared to read the official book and get accustomed to it for the open book exam. It is made up of 2 parts, an online exam open book with only the book on the right, taken at an authorised providers location under exam conditions & also a practical assessment were you choose a couple of items and then test these items as required.

You NEED the book on the right for the online exam, as it is an open book exam. Once you pass your exam and start working on PAT testing jobs you will use it on EVERY job referring to it on all PAT testing jobs for at least what the testing frequency should be for each item depending on its use, type, environment & class.

Why did you choose this type of work?

Already doing electrical work and found it is a good way of getting to meet new clients.

What training have you received?

I've received on the job training in a number of different areas, health and safety, in addition to the key skills needed specifically for my job.

What do you like best about your PAT testing job?

I like the variety in my job, meeting lots of different people and being out and about all day and the pay is ok for the PAT testing work involved.

What skills and qualities do you need to be a PAT tester?

The most important PAT testing skills and qualities are to be sociable with clients and honest. As well as having your PAT testing qualifications.

How much does a PAT tester earn?

  • How much do PAT testers make, well if you're an employee your earnings are usually linked to number of items PAT tested. This can be in the region of 50p per electrical item tested. Meaning that if you are using the latest PAT testing equipment. How much your PAT testing wages will be about £10 per hour depending on the location, layout and type of equipment being tested.
  • Self employed PAT testers can expect earnings to be about £20 per hour on PAT testing jobs.
  • On large PAT testing jobs if you're prepared to work long hours overnight when premises are empty you can test more items per hour and earn even more on these PAT tests than in the daytime when staff are about. This can improve your PAT testers salary.

How to become a PAT tester?

  • Get yourself the PAT testing Code of Practice book and read it, this will help you know the layout of the book for the open book online exam.
  • Get your City and Guilds 2377 exam and certificate. The example exam questions and answers are helpful in the approved book on the right it really helped me to pass the exam.

PAT testing jobs tips

  • Check your local colleges for PAT testing courses, night classes or just for taking your C&G 2377 exam, the course is usually about £300 to £500 but if you are getting benefits it is usually free.
  • Consider work placements for getting on the job PAT testing experience.

PAT testing jobs info

  • It is a good start and way of getting into the electrical trade, as most electricians HATE doing PAT testing so you can get to know these people by doing this job for them and then if you decide to take your electrical courses & exams, 2360 or 2330 & your 17th edition, you will have contacts for work once completed.

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Modified: 16 June 2013

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