What to wear for a job interview

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For the last ten years or so dress code for job interviews has become more casual, breaking away from more traditional formal clothing.

When preparing for a job interview the human resources department should be your first contact, ask them for advice.

If the business in question does not have a human resources department, dress conservatively: business suits for men and women.

There are no fixed clothing rules which you must follow, but you should endeavour to look smart and buy good quality clothes.

If you look good, you generally have more confidence and feel good too.

Example outfit for men

  • Dark blue wool / wool blend single breasted suit (good quality)
  • White long sleeve shirt (new if possible)
  • Matching silk tie
  • Dark blue socks
  • Black shoes (polished)

Do not wear pins or cufflinks and keep jewellery to a minimum. However it is essential you wear a watch (not plastic).

Example outfit for women

Women have more choice of what to wear for a job interview. A smart business suit is fine, together with polished shoes and suitable handbag.

General appearance tips (Men)

  • Have a close shave (shave early in the morning so you have time to stop any cuts bleeding)
  • If you have a beard make sure it is trimmed and neat
  • Smart haircut
  • Apply only a dash of cologne

General appearance tips (Women)

  • Be careful not to apply too much hair spray or perfume
  • No revealing clothing
  • No bright nail varnish
  • Smart conservative haircut

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Modified: 04 November 2013

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